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  1. India Sagt:

    This is going up on my computer wallpaper: “Years from now it won’t matter what car I drove or what kind of house I lived in (or how many books I write, clients I coach, countries I visit). Hopefully the world might be a little different because I was important in the life of my ch€dâren.liThat stops me right in my tracks. Thank you! And I’m so excited to have you on Moms Together tomorrow!!!

  2. gm friends and family discounts Sagt:

    Since the table top is small, the get the full 18″, the tsquare fence has to go behond the table, so not much better than the Dewalt for this aspect. This saw get a relatively thin metal throath plate that easily bend at its center. Morever, this insert is not compatible with sister Bosch models. Tsquare fence is never as precise than the telescoping rack & pinion fence of the Dewalt.

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